The Four Worlds International Institute

We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.

- Ancient Indigenous Proverb -


Earth Day 4 Corners Peace Prayer and Concert is a powerful vision of hope for our children now, and for generations to follow.  The time is upon us to accept full responsibility for our thoughts, words and deeds, take an honest assessment of our current human condition and choose to walk in the light of integrity, authenticity and transparency.


For 40 years, nearly 1.5 million acres of Navajo land stood still in time, preventing the families that lived in the area from building new homes, improving roads and infrastructure, or making improvements to their existing homes.  Even though the Bennett Freeze was repealed in May 2009, there is much work to be done.


It is the goal and intent of the Earth Day 4 Corners Peace Prayer and Concert to restore peace and harmony and bring balance between Humanity and Mother Earth.   Together, we will plant the seeds of restoration and sustainability for a brighter tomorrow.  Together, we will offer Her people and sacred lands the opportunity to flourish in all their beauty and potential.


And now IT IS TIME for Spirit to be breathed back into the land and fill the hearts of the people and Mother Earth with prayer and promise of a new authentic and transparent world.  As said in the movie Avatar, this is OUR land!


Please join us if only in spirit to BE the change we wish to see in our world.


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Guiding Principles

Starting From Within, Working in a Circle, in a Sacred Manner, We Heal and Develop Ourselves, Our Relationships, and the World.


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