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This discussion is intended to flesh out the direction that FWII is considering. This will help frame the partnership relationship between Certiport and FWII. This is based upon what we have learned so far, we are open; in fact, welcome your input on the viability and wisdom of this approach.

We see FWII as developing a Network of Learning Centers with Learning Circles hosted on the FWII social network.

Customized Individual Pathways
Based on our current understanding, we think that the pre-assessment, i.e. benchmark step, ought to lead to creating "customized pathways" for each student. The specific pathway is based upon the skills level of the student, the learning environments available, and the course/language availability. By “learning environments” we are including what can be done on-line and what will be done face-to-face, what will be self-directed and what will be done in a group setting.

Early Integration of Social Networks
The Learning Circles are hosted on the FWII social network. We will invite students to join "learning circles" as soon as they have the skills and resources to access the site and participate.

Social Enterprise Model
Our “business model” is similar to Certiport solution providers. We anticipate that the regional learning centers will deliver the training and support via learning circles hosted in social networks. There regional learning center partners will offer S2S learning programs to their service populations as an earned income strategy, i.e. social enterprise that can be an economic motivator.

We are seeking your input on this approach and are interested in turning this into a plan for FWII. What do you think?

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Jon - this is extraordinary - we are on the right path! It's perfect for where we are going in 2009.
Thank you, Michelle. Hearing these words from you is very reassuring. I'm doing my best to understand, synthesize and design a direction that will be a win-win-win situation. I like to think of myself as a practical optimist!

Mary Michelle Scott said:
Jon - this is extraordinary - we are on the right path! It's perfect for where we are going in 2009.
I agree that the Benchmark tests are important to lead because we all have varied experiences with computers and the internet. It is a great way for the student to gage their knowledge base so they know what to expand on. The next step would be to go through the IC3 On-Demand Learning which leads us through all the information we need for connecting followed by the Mentor portion of the program. I look forward to helping out as I have been through the Certiport IC3 program thus far. I am very excited and look forward to the future of FWII and learning circles.


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