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What a treat - another day to live in ♥

I did not play here online at all today, rather lived in real Universe - you know from here I'm gona go check out FB - something I read on facebook said "I love my computer, because my friends live there" ~ and that is so true - I have come to dearly love several of my virtual friends, they almost feel like fam - like y'all here at FWII - I cherish your friendship.  I bet it would be great fun to get to meet virtual people face to face and get to hang out and party and get to know each other - 

new year's day always reminds me of my dead mom - cuz she died on this day 9 years ago, 2004 ("hi mom" ♥♥♥♥ wave wave wave i love you).  I love that girl.

I leave you with this pic of part of Universe - i found it at

i love you

i think 2013 is gona be a very friendly year - I interacted with 3 of my dearest friends today, that's neat.



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Comment by amy rigg on January 1, 2013 at 3:28pm

i put this picture of the star Zeta Ophiuchi on my computer's desktop - i think it's so neat.  

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