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something i'd never seen

While burning a huge chunk of log yesterday in the south yard, that i'd burnt numerous times before but have never been able to burn it all up yet - it was only a chunk about 2 foot tall and about 3-1/2 foot wide - it was quite big (at least to me with my baby fires).  So it's burning a bit from the bottom and i was stirring up other branches and things in the fire, and i was poking, poking, poking at the big log chunk.  The material was spongy and soft and kinda sawdusty material - i flung it in fire and it did not burn right up like i thought it would - so i'm messing around wondering that the spongy saw dusty middle of this log wasn't so flamable and i'm flinging chunks of it into the fire when i uncovered ... a whole bunch of acorns!!!  I was like WTF ???  !!!!   How did those suckers get IN there ??  I guess down thru the past 50+ yrs that that tree grew a squirrel had stashed some nuts in a hole, lost them or forgot them and the tree kept growing around those nuts hahahah - they burned up yesterday in the fire - but it was weird to me to see that li'l cache all snuggied up inside that old log - one never knows what one will find or what a day will bring.  OK - Can i do some babbling OR WHAT ??  ha ha I LOVE YOU.  ♥♥♥♥ ACORNS FOR EVERYONE !!!  


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