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... like the fingers of the hand ♥♥♥

I watched this whole hour and a half movie:

Brother Chief Phil is amazing, I'm so honored I get to type here.

Li'l brother Mayan Chief Wandering Wolf, I'm SO GLAD he got the stick back, although while watching the movie I reminded myself, 'it's just a stick' - although I know it symbolizes so much more than that - still, I was glad he got it back, and the end of the movie definitely made me cry.

It gave me a lot to think about, and I'm glad that even though I may have some serious business to tend to in the future, right now I'm good to just contemplate - one thing I can say is that whatever happens, fame and fortune as it is defined in modern white people society are 2 things I can do without, money means nothing.  All I can hitch my hopes to is the energy of love and of Universe and hope the best for the humans, cuz whether or not I want to admit it, I am incarnated as a human female right now - which is cool, too.

OK, I love y'all ~ we are all united, like the fingers of the hand ... 


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