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White Star speaks briefly on the core of beliefs in our society ...

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As is the Annu way I teach my children and grand children to believe nothing. Only a fool believes anything he is told.


1. To Believe you need 2 things Faith and Hope - Faith in the one telling you and hope he is telling the truth

2. A Fact needs 2 things Proof and Evidence - The it is probable the a thing is correct but not absolute.

3. Truth needs 2 things Belief and Fact - Belief in a Fact makes it true but just to you and others who think like you.

4. Knowledge needs 2 things Logic and Reason - If it looks right and feels right then it is right.

5. Wisdom needs 2 things Truth and Knowledge -  And only the wise will possess it never let it go.


Believe Nothing my brother. Not even me. But if it looks right and feels right no man will move you from your stone.

Hello David,

My mother always said "believe nothing...know it in your heart" and "believe has a big lie in the middle...think about it!!!" Your children and grandchildren are blessed to have this shared with them.

Carole Blodgett Chetan Wanagi (Spirit Hawk)



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