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Dear Candians! We are coming to Canada without your  invitation on tourist visa  at our own expense. The work time for the great Crystal – Saviour for Euro-Asia has finished. 


As you remember in the year 2007 Sandra Eagle showed a picture of the Haida Nation

Chief standing near the Crystal. She told  that the Crystal has to come back home, to Canada. As Milly McComber explained me the process of the returning home for the Crystal is a political process and it must be done through the government officials. When I  had a meeting with  the great grandfather William Commanda he told that the Crystal has to come back to Canada, Victoria Island, the sacred place for all Aboriginal tribes of North America.


Today we are honored to be in a spiritual contact with the Great Spirits of Canada. They emphasized many times that the Crystal- Saviour  needs to be delivered  and handed over .... But the question is still remaines open – Why must we  deliver the Grystas to you, the people of Canada?  For these 10 years we didn’t see any steps, actions from you to make it happened.


In comply to the request of the the Great Spirits we are coming to meet the Aboriginal Chiefs and leaders. We are bringing the Avatar Crystal for Indigo children, they respect and hold it sacred. We are coming with the Sourse of Energy.


Anfesteria Spiritual School.

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