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Sacred Fire magazine seeking writers and photographers of IILG in BC end of May

Hello All!

My name is Robin Rainbow Gate and I work with Sacred Fire magazine ( A liitle background:  Sacred Fire magazine is a quarterly print magazine in it's fifth year, published by Sacred Fire Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational organization that supports initiatives that honor and sustain indigenous spiritual approaches, traditional knowledge, and the ancestral ways that foster global balance and sustainability. Through articles and stories, poetry, humor and art, Sacred Fire calls us to re-awaken and listen to the deep inner heart voice within each of us, so we can find healing, create loving relationships and build communities that honor and celebrate the Divine energies alive and at play in the world. Sacred Fire magazine brings traditional wisdom to a modern world in need of sustainable spiritual solutions.


We are very interested in and moved by the International Indigenous Leadership Gathering, soon to happen in Lillooet, BC. We would like to help support this work for 2012's gathering and one way we can do so is with superb, high resolution photos of this year's event and with a heart-felt, experiential-based (vs. journalistic/news type writing) sharing of how the event effected someone's life, changed it.


If your gifts fall into either of these categories and you are planning to be at this event, and if you feel called to help us out in this way, please let me know!

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