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This is not a journalistic view of the recent Four Worlds conference in
Panama. It is, rather, rumblings from the heart and creative mind of
witnessing and being part of circle.

To that end. Some background is needed. A bio cultural leadership
conference was recently held at the City of Knowledge (Ciudad del Sabre) in
Panama City, Panama. It was a collaboration between guest star Jane
Goodall's Roots and Shoots, EarthTrain, Four Worlds International and
Biomuseo. Four Worlds Chair, Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. attended to a
sunrise ceremony the first day and was busy in the background with many
meetings... Not just biodiversity but the unification of tribes here.
Goodall of course, wowed us with her speeches and stories, and we we're
honoured with the presence and blessings of Tata, a Mayan elder and the
protagonist of the award winning documentary ( 4 Worlds), 'Shift of the
Ages'. Many tribal chiefs were in attendance as well as musicians.


Our feet
That which connects us to Mother Earth
Dipped in sacred water
Cleansed before the alter
Before we took our places.

We were so tiny amongst the grass and spirits and grandparents.
We were so tiny but mighty
Brother's chanupa burning
Blowing white smoke against the yellow/green grass the red hill the blue sky

Brother speaking - POW! Spirit enters
Inside expands head to toe

Sacred corn drink passed around
New found kinship
Broken? Fixed. Hiy Hiy.

I stayed at the dormitories at the City of Knowledge , the casas belonging
to Goodall's EarthTrain. Volunteers and workers moved like ants, preparing this,
making that , the logistics stunning. More kinships forming . My end of
volunteering started out in the kitchen but ended up doing healings on
Emberra Indians...they were in the dorms across the street and lined up for
me for two days..... This was such an .... what's another word for honour?

Anticipation of seeing/hearing Jane Goodall was high. I did meet her at the
sunrise ceremony but I think I blathered something about a friend in common
instead of starting with the formalities of introduction. Social grace all
went to my older sister.

A stage somewhere, Goodall speaks. A blur now.

The Shift of Ages plays, I later meet the woman in it who helped tell the
tale, with her friend, and offer a tobacco tie... they gave me cocoa leaves.
I tell them I wanted more women in the film and they jump up and say they
are so glad to hear this as feel the same way.

My Spanish sucks and I'm at the mercy of broken phrases, miming, drawing,
google translator. Sometimes i have the mercy of someone who is bilingual
or trilingual (tribal language). People keep telling me, "Practise makes
perfect" but they don't realize I don't have the language gene like my
siblings. I was passed in grade 9 French if I promised not to take it in
grade 10....DEAL!

Here in the jungle in Panama
The heartland
The umbilical cord that connects the Americas Here where Mamma is scarred
Cut open Botched surgery for transport Of commodities to supply An
unsustainable world .
And think, think if the engine had never been invented If the space program
never happened If consumption were local And trade done on sailing ships

The computer would have come about in another way A way we can't imagine -
Because we place stock in how science is conducted And we never imagined
enough So we can't transport by altering our own molecules Like the Kahunas
used to do But We are moving forward by going back.


Children everywhere at the dorms! Kuna tribe, Emberra, Afro-Caribean. All
in costume, practising to dance and sing for Jane and the audience. A
plethora of musicians; music, the universal language. Guitars, pan flutes ,
drums, each individual band colourful with their own vibes. A wonderful
show, what can top this? Was it the apex? NO! Another night, at the
biocultural museum hits the spike! Children again and then a newly formed
jazz band pushing the limits not in abstraction but in formulated , complex
rhythm and harmony that spilled from the envelope like a cascade of black
notes , all within the context of the most innovative drummers I have ever
heard. Three guitars, a double bass and a drum kit that looked like a sea
of 'been around the world'. Zlijan cymbals played by hand, no sticks on
anything and an amplified seat box producing pounding 'Zows' .

The undercurrent? Cultural unity for political gain for land and self
determination. No longer will the Indians of Panama need to worry if they
can accomplish this. Unity by cultural difference , a paradox, the irony
may be enough to catch the politicians by surprise. The canal is being
expanded to handle the super freighters, Panama is discovering more oil, the
Pan American highway awaits expansion.

But the Prophecies, the indigenous prophecies that Brother Phil keeps
reminding us of, they're here, they're happening, they're seemingly slowly
reaching their apex but the rate of acceleration is phenomenal. More and
more we're all needing grounding and balance because of this . Don't forget
to keep,blue and black kyanite in your medicine pouch! The magnetic polar
shift is on ..... And Creator's feminine side grows bigger and bigger.
She's not really creating an apex as such, but an all surrounding light to
be's the dark that will implode. Buckle up.

Madre Dios
Mamma Earth
Kokoom Moon
The healing starts now
Bring on the Divine Feminine
Copper is the conduit
Forgive all who survive

Biocultural = Key. Thank you, Sister Jane, Brother Phil, Uncle Tata. Thank
you new friends and kin. Thank you Creator.

Panama, you are in my heart. Hiy Hiy!

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