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One Motherland: Creation of Universal Telegony. Our Fore-bearers Want us To Find Our Soul Mates!

I would like to share here a message from the awakening Vedruss population. Our civilization was a civilization centered around finding one's soul mate.

We fell asleep 5,000 years ago after the terrible Kurukshetra war of India which effected all of our people across all Vedruss lands. In order to avert psychic war we fell asleep. Even as far back as 10,000 years ago children were starting to be born partially asleep, without access to Universal memory. It was because of this that initiated the stone Dolmens built all over the ancient Vedruss land 10,000 years ago from Europe and Russia, to the Middle East, India and China. Living masters went to the tombs to leave their body over and over again until they passed on. They stay to this day at these dolmens awaiting to pass down information of Universal Telegony really, since the Vedruss culture was centered around finding one's soul mate and preserving the energy of love in the family forever.

I bring a message for all indigenous people of the world to unite in a workable, non-occult religion. Occult being when a non-satisfying urge is replaced by a complex of partial urges twice, and then the complex of partial urges is replaced by a non-satisfying urge, raising the non-satisfying urges over partial control of the complex of partial urges. A Complex of partial urges is an accumulation or complex of the energy of thought, Aspiration, and a hue of feelings all together. In each different complex of partial urges one form of energy predominates the others from an all creative complex to an all destructive one. They are complexes of partial urges because by themselves or even together, Thought, Aspiration, and a hue of feelings in each one are all partially satisfying urges. Then there is also the energy of the divine dream which was able to take in and balance all Universal complexes of partial urges to start creating invisible creations. He is beyond partially satisfying. He is all satisfying. Then later after creating to such a speed and precision to where the Universal complexes of partial urges could barely keep up with him, the Energy of love enters in and warms the Creator from all sides, accelerating his own energy to the greatest speeds. She is beyond partially satisfying. When together with the Creator, she is all satisfying. No other element, or none of the Universal complexes of partial urges, even together, can be completely satisfying when combined with the creator. Only the energy of love can do this.

Detailed images have been discovered which can start to awaken the sleeping Vedruss population. This includes a detailed image of what is being called the Anti-reason or Anti-mind virus. There are 9 steps to this virus, and interestingly enough there are various cultures in the world which use the number 9 to describe the way that occult alien forces combine with the world of the creator's marvelous creations. The 9 planes of the Scandinavian world tree, the 9 lords of the halls of Amenti in Egypt, the 9 Annunaki lords of the ancient Sumerian history, and the 9 lords of death or night of the Mayan civilization. It is no coincidence that this formula for the Anti-mind virus I have discovered is not only how the Universal complexes of partial urges get us to think like them, but also how these Universal complexes of partial urges even create the different extra-terrestrial races of the Universe, each one only able to perfect itself in one direction. All of these ancient cultures committed a mistake I believe in regards to the Anti-mind or Anti-reason virus. They did what they were used to doing, which was combining opposites within the forces of the Universe and combining the images of the Anti-mind virus with the images of the creator's creations. This is a mistake I believe, as images were then created which justified using dark forces within good forces, and over time brought to the point where opposites were no longer balanced. Instead, today we have discovered how the Anti-mind or Anti-reason virus works in and of it's own force, and even then also how the natural world of the Creator's creations battle Anti-mind and keep it in check.

Once this Anti-mind virus is described in complete detail, the awakening Vedruss can start rousing their brothers and sisters out of sleep. We will unite with all indigenous people of the world and bring all back to it' primordial garden.

Please accept this message and try to understand with the intellect and feelings together. This is but the beginning of this message and more glad tidings I bring in the whole message I will share a link to here.

Thank you all and Joy and health to your thoughts!

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The link above: One Motherland: Creation of Universal Telegony

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