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We went on a 4,000 mile journey across the land and were with rivers,lakes, creeks and streams............there is little to see now,and i am posting this to thank those i see here taking action to be with the Spirits of these precious places..........we need to take action now,like Mr.Lane has said a call to the leaders,and may i humbly add to the women who know the feelings of emptiness a barren lake will make to all the beloved creation that so lovingly depends on it.......Visiting a dear friend at the end point of our journey,who has lived on 12 acres for several years,a wetland and holder of species that were even suppose to be extinct,his pools,waterfalls,creek,has dried up.His son with help from a friend has been rescuing the remaining fish and turtles to other locations........this is Ohio,where water has always been abundant....My deepest gratitude to Masaru Emoto who world wide shared his wisdom of the water,and to Corbin Harney who taught his whole life how precious is the water.........there is one water,he would say......let us honor our ancestors and our sisters and brothers who are the young one's yet to live and turn this around.thank you,for your kindness. Linda

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Tis is a beautiful Ode to Mni Wichoni (Sacred Water of All Life) 

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