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"The one who wishes to be a true medicine person must be a person of faith, and they can only work successfully with those who also have faith."
--Fools Crow, LAKOTA

Medicine People are spiritual beings who have made a decision to seek the Red Road. They sacrifice and seek the way of the Creator. After many years of dedication, the Grandfathers teach them about power, and about laws, and about how to use the medicine. The Medicine People develop tremendous faith in their medicine and in the Creator. When we go to the Medicine People, we too must have faith so they can help us. We can only be helped if we want to be helped. Because the Medicine People know how to help - that is only one half of it. The other half is up to us. We must have faith that the medicine has powers to help.

Elder's Meditation of the Day - June 22

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Thank you for sharing this. It is wise and instructive. We need to be responsible for what we give and receive.


I appreciate the progression of where you have taken this. This is also what my spirit elders have been telling me ~  when I open to healing myself, I am healing the earth and making it easier for others to heal. I am also wondering about those things in ourselves and in society that are  unconscious. How can we get beyond some of the status quo aspects of thinking and being that we may not even be aware of.

So my prayer is becoming, let those things which I have outgrown which no longer serve me, society, nor all our relations be sent into cosmic recycling to become compost to feed myself and all seeking to to walk in love, peace, gratitude, health beauty and good mind!

Nice to tune in here and experiecne that there are others who are coming into similar ways of seeing ourselves and all our relations.

Nyah Weh Skenno (thank you fro being well)


The most wonderful thing that happens in times of any crisis, is that we are forced to look at ourselves. Earth has the parisite Homo Sapian Sapian, an animal that has the picture of a true Human in his/her fantasy, or Ilussionary Mind. The ways of the elders were blinded by a collective self induced choice for endless uncontrolled sensory expeiences ankored in false pretentions and greed. The price for this teaching is very high, city's have become huge cancer tumors with the exact same behaviour patterns. These behaviour patterns have spread into and over the entire Planet. These cancerous self-orientated massive consume has had the effects of a computer virus which has only one purpose, I do not want to go onto details but the elders and ancesters of all aboriginal people have given us the guidlines to create an antivurus. To do this the civilised western world has to change its entire educational system, medical system, political and social systems and most important daily values. The shift of values only take place after proper de(re)-conditioning long term therapeutic stratagies. It will take time to heal the wounds on Mother Earth that the animal Humans have caused. How long this will take has to do with our own resistance against the virus in our own brain, we have been conditioned and forced to live as animals and insects, uncontrollable endless desires of illusionary satisfaction. It is truthful to say that the words of the ancesters are as stong and clear as a great shining Diamond. And there are many groups of people gathering these words, ways and techniques. My next queustion is do the teachers truly live what they preach. Or, are they just behaving as if they do. An urbanite cannot and will never be able to camprehend the law of the seed if he/she never leaves the city to plant a garden to support their family. That means they are dependent upon the arms of the cancerous tumor for its food, water, clothes and education, heating, enrgy and waste disposal. I do believe that most Humans have the will to change their values and their habits if they are evolved enough to realise what the meaning of a peaceful and harmonious co-existance with all creatures and beings on this Planet. Do the therapists live in the forests where natures medicine grows naturaly and pure. Do they remember the taste of fresh mountain spring water. Are the therapists free of the virus, or do they practice with the mask of falsehood and greed. Have the therapists lived alone in the wilderness for long periods of time living as one from and with the creator and breathing the breath of Mother Earth?

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