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Hi, thank you for allowing me to join your community. I’m reaching out to you because I would like to understand more about the nine pointed star. I’m a mother and a writer, I live in England and work closely with a Navajo spirit guide. I was first aware of this Navajo guide about thirty years ago when I was in my twenties and he spoke to me in his native language (this is the only time he has spoken to me in his language, the rest of the time he speaks to me telepathically in English), as I was lying in bed. While I heard him clearly, I couldn’t understand the words he was saying, but I understood the essence of his message by the visions he showed me. I also understood that we had work to do together in this life to accomplish certain spiritual goals.
In January 2017, my Navajo guide began working with me in a more intense way. He told me we had shared a Navajo life together, giving me a number of details. When I asked him if we had any family still living, he told me that the people from our bloodlines had starved to death between 1902 and 1912 due to the greed of the cowboys. He told me that he wanted me to remember this past life and many visions have come to me since. One night my guide appeared to me in a very physical way and asked me to wear a necklace (this was an etheric necklace, but it appeared very physical to me at the time). The necklace was made up of a leather pendant with a nine pointed star on it. The shape of the star was made from silk thread wrapped around small metal pins and it had a turquoise/green stone in the middle. My guide told me this star stands for love and unity and it is connected with bringing all people together as a spiritual whole and I see from looking at your website that this is also the goal of the Four Worlds International Institute. My guide doesn’t tell me everything; he wants me to reach out and make connections – so I am reaching out to you because I feel that the nine pointed star has a deeper meaning. Is there anyone from your community who can help me understand more about this nine pointed star and its deeper spiritual significance? I would really appreciate your insight. Many thanks, Josephine (

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