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The Medicine Wheel Traditional Ceremonial Teachings – Level 3


Our second training session was about traditional ceremonies found in the four stages of life.  These are basic life skills necessary to have a good journey home.  In furthering these teachings we have incorporated a third level to increase our cultural awareness.  The framework for this workshop is based on the restoration of holistic health in contemporary society.  We need to know about prayer and the gift of life.  There are no short cuts in life and as traditional knowledge keepers we should understand about our role and our commitment to Creator. 


The Level 3 teachings will explain about the different types of offerings; how to make them; pray with them and how to put them out.  It is harder to sit in ceremony with nothing, so participants will learn about the protocols and laws in accessing a pipe and stem.  They will learn about the different types of bundles, smudges and tobacco use; how to meditate and open their souls to Creator in a humble way. 


On Turtle Island we are blessed with ceremonies, such as sweats, fasts, vision quests, teachings of traditional law, age-grade teachings, traditional medicines, traditional healing practices and feasts.  The participants, who take The Medicine Wheel-Level 3, will discover how these teachings will help prepare them for the sweat-lodge, a vision quest and a fasting ceremony in Level 4.  Some of the more salient topics we will explore in this training session include:


*   the importance of maintaining balance and harmony

*   how you can achieve balance in contemporary society

*   the different smudges used in accessing a spiritual connection

*   controlling your conscious and subconscious in a humble way

*   roles of male and female helpers

*   laws regarding spiritual bundles

*   the meaning of songs (calling, prayer, sending home, animal spirits & Creator)

*   seasonal teachings

*   old time and contemporary offerings: (willow, money, sugar, berries, coloured cloth, tobacco, food and flesh)

*   presentation of graduation bundles

*   preparing for Level 4 ceremonies


Participants who take this training will learn how to bring these teachings home to their communities and pass them on in a good way.  These sacred teachings will be a pre-requisite for the next level of teachings.  If you are interested in registering, or if you have any further questions, please contact us at the address or phone number above.


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