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On New Year's Eve, thousands of red-winged blackbirds fell from the sky..

We are god. we are goddess. this is our creation. Why are we doing this? My heart weeps to see our creation sometimes



On New Year's Eve, thousands of red-winged blackbirds fell from the sky in Beebe, Arkansas--a few days later, five hundred more were found dead along a Louisiana highway--three hundred miles south of the first mass death. 



Scientists speculate extreme weather conditions, stress, bloodclots, or fireworks could have been the cause. Thurman Booth, a wildlife services director, stated, “There was probably some physical reason, but I doubt anyone will ever know what it was.” Government weapons testing or disease have also been considered.


Additionally, a whopping two million fish have surfaced in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay, after 100,000 were also found dead in over twenty miles of an Arkansas River. The phenomenon isn't only happening in the United States--in Sweden one hundred dead birds were found on January 4.


Keith Stephens of Arkansas Game and Fish states that mass killings happen often, but none of this magnitude. All mass deaths are reportedly unrelated.</span







We are a collective soul singing. we are god. we are goddess. this world is our creation. it is the place we came to learn a new way of perceiving. We have forgotten that we are the creators of this dimension, this world. We keep thinking someone else is pulling the strings, but it is us who is doing this. All thoughts join together to form the collective vision we see as our reality. It is the stronger thoughts and emotions that win, that form the reality we see. We could create something else.  We do not have to choose to create the destruction of the Earth and all of her beauty by believing that this is just the way it is and some force outside of us is responsible for doing this. This is us doing this to Her, this is us not remembering to honor her and hold her sacred. This is whole sectors forgetting that Mother Earth is the the Holy Spirit is here to guide us and show us how to walk. WE are a collective soul singing, and this is our creation. We must honor her, not murder her.. and him. for they are our prime example of how the two are suppose to walk as One. They have held for us our memory of how it felt when we were in the Garden, each as 2 who walked as One. they are our greatest reflection of who we are supposed to be.




We promised we would awaken and remember this..


Please feel free to spread my fire, share if you heart desires..

Earthen Girl Native Rainbow Star






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Comment by Firewoman on January 15, 2011 at 7:00pm
sounds like we are seeing the negative impacts of the Gulf Crisis doing the domino thing up the food heart is sad...Firewoman

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