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Conducting Deep Social Networking & Deep Social Media Training across Northern Thailand

The DSN Team of Deloria Many Grey Horses, Tom Litchfield, Sian Phairotsuphinsin, and I have been on the move since friday, traveling from Bangkok to Mae Rim just outside of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand to conduct a 2-day Deep Social Media training with the Colorful Ethnic Youth and then on to Mae Sot, Thailand on the Northwestern border of Thailand and Burma where we are currently on the 2nd day of a 5-day Deep Social Media training with the Kayan New Generation Youth, here are their Deep Social Networks: Kayan Pho, Khaung Yay Pue Pue Lay, Karenni Youth, Peacestar, and Lahu Green Land.

The Colorful Ethnic Youth created numerous deep social media videos using Corel video editing software for their first time. The result was an empowered group of fourteen Indigenous Hmong, Lahu, and Ahka youth working together, teaching each other and literally going all out to get their deep social media messages posted for the worldwide online community.

The Kayan New Generation Youth are moving right along and are almost finished editing an amazing short film that shows their annual 6-month journey through the Kayan Region in Burma that takes them to 20 different Indigenous communities where they offer their own training in democracy, health, education, peace & conflict resolution, leadership, government, and human rights. We will post this powerful film in the next few days, but for now check out these great informational videos our participants created for their Kayan Indigenous group during our previous Deep Social Networking training using an open-source website called

Environment Impact in Kayan Communities
(Original guitar music created by one of our participants)

Kayan Human Rights Social Media Video

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