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Native American Medicine Bags and Pouches

A Native American medicine bag is a small leather bag or pouch that contains various healing objects. They are often painted or beaded with designs specific for the wearer. This is done to entice or invoke the spirit of the animal, figure or symbol.

What's inside is another story. A medicine bag can contain innumerable objects. These objects are as unique as the person wearing it. Many people add their own "medicine" or healing objects. Although, most often a medicine person or… Continue

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Native American Cooking and Recipes - Pemmican - Wasna

Native American Cooking and Recipes - Pemmican

Native American cooking and recipes cover a broad spectrum. From the east, south, west and northern regions each with their own indigenous food sources. This article covers the Western Plains Indians, specifically Lakota (Sioux).

Many techniques and methods of cooking are not used today except on rare occasions when a ceremony would require it. In ceremony, the food is cooked outdoors over hot coals or buried in the ground… Continue

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Assimilation Blues

Assimilation Blues

Grandmother, I am sad.

Come, sit. Together we will be sad.

Bowed heads, silently honoring the Sad.

Sometimes a song, sometimes a story,

Sometimes silence,

Breathing the Sad,

Heads bowed sitting with the Sad.

The people come,

Tonight we sing until the sun shows,

Acknowledging Sad‚

Tomorrow we laugh and eat,

Honoring the Sad;

continuing… Continue

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Native American Bird Medicines

Native American Bird Medicines

There are so many bird medicines. They are complex and tricky to describe. I have hesitated to write about them. Then the idea came that it would be better to start by sharing a few and then adding other stories later. The one’s I know are from personal experience and training.

Water Birds

These are the birds that dive to the bottom of lakes and rivers and deposit on the shore the medicines we need for healing. Water birds are one of the… Continue

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REBUILDING HAITI: Music, art and video project to help Haitian youth, educators rebuild schools following earthquake

So Much Despair - Artists Who Care

REBUILDING HAITI: Music, art and video project to help Haitian youth, educators rebuild schools following earthquake

Artists of all ages worldwide are being recruited to participate in a musical effort to help rebuild schools in Haiti and raise awareness of worldwide catastrophes.

The "So Much Despair - Artists Who Care" project asks contestants to submit an original video, artwork or photograph that depicts… Continue

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Pole Shift

The Earth's magnetic field has swapped magnetic poles numerous times in the past. The signature of this is in the iron rich magmatic rocks of today. On the order of hundreds of thousands of years, this cycle has placed it’s signature on the Earth’s surface in the shifting magnetic profile of North versus South. We can and have measured that historic shift in the time line of our planet.

The fact that man along with our relatives has continued to exist after these shifts suggest that… Continue

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The Heart of the Matter

Woke up this morning and have this feeling in my throat and heart like a trembling and thinking this is what it must feel like to be a little animal hiding from the enemy. panic, rigidity, bone chilling terror, gut-wrenching agony, violent ending...that must be what it is like to know with certainty that your life is about to end and that your enemy has found you, pinned you against the wall and is about to rip you apart. I look up and can see those eyes riveting and trying to capture my soul,… Continue

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My Aunt

Jane Shaw Francis taught me meditation when I was a little boy. She did not name it in this way. She said do this and you will sleep well. She also had a tonic that she gave me made from apple cider vinegar and honey. She walked me through the steps and my sleep was deep. This was in the the late 1940’s and early 1950’s.

After her betrothed failed to return from WW1 she looked to God. Eventually she went to India. In North India she became the headmistress first of the Rakha Girls’… Continue

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A Child is Born

A Child is Born

You will be loved

For every morning the sun has risen

A child is born to love and be loved

You will be loved you are my child

Eternal one you are my

Crowning joy

You will be loved ever present heart

Wondrous miracle of life ancestral spirit

Servant of heaven on earth

You will be loved seek your destiny through

Nature resounding truth of… Continue

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And suddenly life's reality hit's Again......just have to remember there is a First Maker and when I least expect it he's carrying me..... Footprints

My Mom passed to the other side camp 2 days before thanksgiving, My favorite poem is Footprints......... as I sit reading it again today , I came online and saw my blogs with lil stories of my mom, She passed suddenly November 24, 2009, I should have been ready for this day, or should I have been ? Was she proud of me? Did I tell her that she was my hero? did I tell her enough that I loved her? so many questions , all I can do is pray, I can miss her but I have to let her go, I know she is not… Continue

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Take seeds from a local garden. Send them far away in the four directions, Because of differing Solar exposures and soil conditions, they will produce fruit of differing colorations. Some will appear Red. Others White. Some Yellow. Some Black.

Each plant will be described as it appears. Red, White, Yellow or Black. Yet each plant is from the same Mother. They taste the same but look different. The same spirit that caused them to spring from the Earth Mother courses through… Continue

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Marriage - "means I will love you forever".

Before we can take on a partner:

* We have to know our traditional roles

* We should follow the traditional marriage protocols

* We must obtain teachings around relationships from our teachers who hold that knowledge

* We have to learn how to live together in harmony with a partner

* We cannot create hardships as we are not gifted to create harm to one another

* In existing relationships we can make the lives of our children better by ensuring that… Continue

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Its all about me

Thats what LuLu wrote on my cup! Bringing myself into balance. I go to the mountains, i end up in the mountains, always the mountains, is this all i know how to do.. It may not be about the wages, maybe i'm there truly to pray, pray for the snow that eventually turns to water, that we need to be greatful for, respect the water , love to the water, healing to the water,. but i even see colonization of the mountains! i used to think of the little people, how they traveled over the snow to tend to… Continue

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The Medicine Wheel Training Program - Level 2

The laws of Turtle Island have never been fully explained to our visitors. They say, "when in Rome do as the Romans do". But, what about Turtle Island and its laws and ceremonies? Why do we know more about the history of other nations and very little of our own. With the help of Phil Lane Jr. and Four Worlds Development we started a Medicine Wheel Program to help participants understand about these sacred teachings. Here are some of the teachings in the next level. If there is enough of an… Continue

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The Business of Giving

I took my fathers wheelbarrow and went into the field. I went to a spot where wild asparagus grew. I loaded up with black soil. It was soft and filled with worms. Other kids were selling Kool-Aid. I tried that but did not have much success.

I took the load over to my neighbors house. He had a flower garden that wasn’t doing so good. I told him I had some really good dirt for sale. He asked how much. I said 50 cents. Deal. Those flowers took off after that.

Now I sit and do… Continue

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Old Saying for the New Year

Yesterday when I woke I thought about that old saying," what you do on New Year's Day is what you will do all year long." I knew that I would be home and have a regular day!!! Now just what was this regular day filled with?

My day started very early long before Grandfather Sun had even made his beginning light visible.Wado needed to go out,so out we went to see Grandmother Moon in all her glory, shining brightly as if it were day. All of the Stars from the Star Nation Family were twinkling… Continue

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My daughter and grandson went for a walk with me. We arrived at a pond near the path we were on. A little boy was standing near the edge. His parents were looking elsewhere. They were consumed in argument. This boy caught sight of my grandson.

He placed his body on the path and gave Macrae an angry nasty look with clinched fists. Macrae was nearing the age of three, This kid was older. Macrae received this gaze and we went on. The parents continued their argument.

Next, a… Continue

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Traditional teachings - "It's all about me!!!"


Our physical body is a gift from Creator and we must respect it as a gift for it carries power. We must attain to it properly; we must nourish it, respect it and learn the laws and skills to keep it healthy. It is our responsibility to ensure that it is not tarnished by alcohol, drugs, promiscuity, or addictions of any kind. There are traditional medicines found on the land that can help us heal from any sickness that comes our way. It is our… Continue

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Medicine Bowl

Medicine Bowl


Medicine Bowl of healing cures,

of visions,dreams,and what endures

Beyond the Void of time and space

You bring the healing of every race.

For Seers and healers the water you hold

Brings ancient wisdom now retold.

For seekers and for those in need ,

Your healing unguent brings reprieve.

The Teaching

The Medicine Bowl is a Traditional tool used by the seers,

Dreamers,and Medicicne People of Native America. A… Continue

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