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The creation of adaptable, regnerative, sustainable Communties


On creating resilient adaptable communties.

 "But we cannot wait and assume that someone is going to fix the problem. It is time for the unreasonable people to once again resist, but this time to resist the belief that business as usual will engender the…


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The Death and Return to Life of Tipi Sapa (Black Lodge ) Through the Prayers of Hinhan Wicasa (Owl Man)

  One of the stories that my beloved father, Mato Gi, (Brown Bear) recounted  to me, on many occasions, about his Grandfather Tipi Sapa, ( Black Lodge ), Philip Deloria, and his Great-Grandfather, Hinhan Wicasa ( Owl Man ) has always haunted…


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Stop the threats

Please visit:


As Canadians and guardians of the Earth, we must eliminate the money influence from our Government which is shaping dangerous policies, actions and supports the desires of self interest groups against public opinion.


From the email I received,

"This week, we learned that the Harper Government is using closed-door intimidation tactics…


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Natural law

It is the will of the human being to achieve the mind force to the highest potential. There is a connection between the visions of tomorrow and striving for higher potential.  When we make up our mind to do something we are already moving forward; when the mind is in balance with the other gifts the individual will demonstrate complete understanding.  In contemporary society we have learned to feed our minds through an ever expanding technology that makes our lives easier.  Western education…


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May We Always See The Great Spirit In One Another

  The spiritual understanding and awareness that every human being is a sacred, divine being with a higher spiritual purpose, is fundamental to understanding and manifesting the deepest meaning of freedom and human rights.  Not only do we need to honour and respect our own sacred,…


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Long Spiritual Wintertime Ending, As Promised!

  With the unfailing guidance and assistance from those Beloved Elders and Spiritual Leaders that are walking the Spiritual Path before us, it has become very clear that the long spiritual wintertime of…

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All prejudices, whether of religion, race, politics or nation, must be renounced, for these prejudices have caused the world’s sickness. It is a grave malady which, unless arrested, is capable of causing the destruction of the whole human family. Every…


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Our roles


A woman carries a lot of power as she can conceive life but she also has the power to destroy life through this power. She must control her sexuality to the limits of her mate and not misunderstand her sexuality, nor should she look beyond her relationship, or she will create her own suffering while jeopardizing her relationship and bringing harm to her children.  Women are teachers they must work hard to bring balance to their families and communities. Today many of our women are…


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Creation Stories and Expansion

Creation Stories and The Expansion


Back then…back then….from In Utero to the time of passing we heard our storytellers speak of Creation.  At each age we gained new perspective.  At each passing of rite, we’d gain new perspective.  At each season, year, decade and on we would relate our own lives to that of the teachings of Creation.


The life forces are fast at work now, we are in The Quickening, the acceleration is sometimes unmanageable.  From Mother Earth…


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I stroll alone

Stones and lumber lay on the banks of a twisted river ... I walk these banks and throw all my concerns on the wakes, Carried off with the current.. Strolling along the shore i pause to take in the sunshine as a eagle soars... True beauty in life is everywhere i look as i stumble along in amazement... Climbing the banks and traversing the woods into a world of wonder.. Life springs all around the only care to wildlife is surviving and feeding their young, No destruction to their…


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Follow your heart

Being adopted i will never find my true native past but i know its with me in my soul ... The world seem so different as i walk the streets of life but in nature i feel so at home One with the earth it cries out to me to return to what I've never known as a child .... The…


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Sacred Hearts

Sacred hearts separate and alone.... Burning desires take hold.. The torch of love engulf their desires.... Kindle the flame join the two as one.. Burn bright their passions.... Eternal Flam bring them love... Ignite the forest that separates their path.... Soles joined in flames of desire shall…


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Small, this is the dot we call home

tonight I saw a science program which is force feeding our imaginations over here in Britain. One of the narrators was Professor Brian Cox who has made Astrophysics a lot more fun and easily accessible. The BBC has really pulled out all the stops to educate us and show us how to understand the stars. Brian Cox was one of the first  people to align our physical understanding with the fact that we are made from the stars; star stuff. On seeing our galaxy from a deep space satellite and…


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Solutions to Healing Mother Earth...It starts with "YOU"

Solutions to Healing Mother starts with "YOU"

by Barbara Moreau on Saturday, December 10, 2011 at 3:37pm…

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How to get to know your own Spirit

How to get to know your own Spirit

by Barbara Moreau on Sunday, December 11, 2011 at 12:27pm…

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Defending BEING Cherokee

I want so much to find the information I need to prove my Cherokee heritage, it is a proirity this year. I have tried the site...couldn't get all the names I need to get more than 3 generations back. I am 16%+ from my Great Grandpa on my Mom's side, enough to be registered I understand, if I can prove it.

In the mean time, having some full bloods and others tell me "16% doesn't count" or that "Oh yeah everyone is PART Cherokee" or worse yet "Cherokees aren't REAL…


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Life’s Longest Journey-From Our Head to Our Heart

An Elder once told me, “Grandson, the longest road you will ever have to walk in your life is the sacred journey from your head to your heart.”  Another wise Elder said, “We will never solve the many…


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The Tree World

The other day a lady came up to us as we offered  organic lotions, soaps and such to people wanting to get back to a natural way of living. This lady, as we found out, an artist, had really badly chapped hands.

So she didn’t want to change what she was felt was so important to keep doing; just to be able to keep doing it without the chapped hands. So we looked at her hands and both of us ( Sandy and I )…


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I want my tax dollars back.

Theresa Cusimano Sentenced to Six Months in Federal Prison for Crossing the Line to Speak out against the School of the Americas

"There is but one law for all: the law of humanity and justice"

- Jimmy Carter.

Those words adorn the wall inside the courtroom of Judge Stephen Hyles at the Columbus courthouse. And there they remain, strong words…


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