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Prophecies, Dreams and Visions of the Future
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Nicole Elizabeth Ladouceur commented on Phil Lane Jr.'s blog post Indigenous Guiding Principles for Building a Sustainable and Harmonious World
"I AM Strong enough :) I WILL begin again in cherishing this wisdom. Thank you :) I will refer to this as profound, systematic, fully-functional wisdom."
20 hours ago
Stephen Bamford commented on Phil Lane Jr.'s blog post Help us Honor the Youth Where it all Began!
"Thank you for your words and the sharing of your wisdom. I have responded to you via email. Many blessings -"
Phil Lane Jr. commented on Phil Lane Jr.'s blog post Help us Honor the Youth Where it all Began!
"Thank you, Stephen, for your insights and questions. From my perspective, the best investment to make in Standing Rock is to empower the young people and the communities that surround them. Since my father was born in Wakpala and my…"
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Elder's Traditional Headdress Ceremony for Phil Lane Jr.

Traditional Elders honor Phil Lane Jr. with a Traditional Headdress Ceremony in honor and recognition of Phil's lifetime service to Native Peoples, the Human Family and his Hereditary Lineage .This Sacred Ceremony was conducted by the Elders after…
Stephen Bamford commented on Phil Lane Jr.'s blog post Help us Honor the Youth Where it all Began!
"Your clarification on this is most excellent Chief Lane. We see many different avenues for making contributions. At the risk of putting you in perhaps an unfortunate position, I ask if is worthwhile from your perspective. We have…"
Aug 14
Phil Lane Jr. commented on Phil Lane Jr.'s blog post Help us Honor the Youth Where it all Began!
" Wopida Tanka! is for the US contributions, sister Carol!"
Aug 13
Carol Windsong commented on Phil Lane Jr.'s blog post Help us Honor the Youth Where it all Began!
"Very happy to help this wonderful cause but I'm not computer savvy and it didn't take me to a check out under donation, like paypal. Do I just use this and wouldn't US be  address for paypal donations?…"
Aug 13
Phil Lane Jr. commented on Phil Lane Jr.'s blog post Help us Honor the Youth Where it all Began!
"Thank you, sister Wendy! Prayers are what are fulfilling the Profieces and moving all forward!"
Aug 13

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Help us Honor the Youth Where it all Began!

We are steadily moving toward our goal of $18,600 by the 20th of August! If we all contribute $7.00 or more to the Standing Rock Playground and Basketball Court Vision, it will manifest! Donation info is below the…


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Keynote Address~"Healing Intergenerational Sexual Abuse"

Healing Intergenerational Sexual Abuse

Keynote Address…


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July 9, 1971, Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca, Fulfilling the Prophecy of the Reunion of the Condor and Eagle

July 9, 1971. Sitting at the Heart of the Island of the Sun, in Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, sitting with my Beloved Quechua Elder and Spiritual Teacher, Meleton Gallardo, (on my right side) and other Beloved Quechua Brothers. At this Sacred…


Posted on July 9, 2017 at 11:30am — 2 Comments

Indigenous Guiding Principles for Building a Sustainable and Harmonious World

What’s a Guiding Principle?

A guiding principle, as we are using the term is a statement of basic truth about some aspect of the process of human and community transformation. It articulates what works or what…


Posted on April 10, 2017 at 12:00am — 7 Comments

Be Generous in Prosperity, Thankful in Adversity and Unjust to No One!

Be generous in prosperity, and thankful in adversity. Be worthy of the trust of your friends and relatives, and look upon them with a bright and friendly face. Be a treasure to the poor, an admonisher to the rich, an answerer of the cry of the needy, a…


Posted on January 26, 2017 at 4:00pm — 13 Comments

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At 4:56pm on January 2, 2017, Joie Bourisseau said…

Chii Mii Gwetch, Brother Phil, for the honor of adding me as a Friend here at FWII. I've been enjoying the circle dance we've been doing together for almost a year now! I will forever be grateful to you for the role you've played in assisting me to come forward in All That We Know to be True. Your New Year's sparkler spirals were so welcomed and so appropriate from the bigger picture perspective ~ on many levels! I couldn't stop laughing!!! ThankUS!!! With Many Blessings to US ALL as WE continue to bridge inner realities back into our ONE HEART.  Joie

At 8:20am on April 7, 2016, Joie Bourisseau said…

Beloved Brother Phil ~ I experience such deep warmth and joy every moment when I'm in the Presence of your loving messages to US ALL. They ring and ring and ring throughout my Being. I am constantly awed by y/our multi-dimensional abilities to be in many places at one time. I am exquisitely grateful to share y/our Presence. I am Blessed in y/our Presence.  Joie RoundStar

At 10:47pm on April 4, 2016, Jill Iris Julia Marchand said…

Hi Phil,

Texting me at 306-490-8259 prior to face Time works best if those are options 4 u. best time for me is 7-9am as I'm in Edmonton with my grandson until Thurs. Tues, wed, Thurs am works if works 4 u. 

my emails are not representative of my proof reading (LOL) !


At 10:24am on April 4, 2016, Clarice Tarasoff said…

Thanks Phil! 

All the best, 

Your faithful proof reader,


At 5:47pm on December 1, 2015, Denise Varner, RN,BSN,PHN said…

Inclusive of the "work" I individually trained and was educated to do in my life, Beloved Elder Phil you have articulated our True Collective Stories & Heritage of Purpose on this Earth. Moving into my 6th decade I have an individual and collective renewed sense of purpose even greater than I imagined through this awareness and Indigenous Leadership whose collective voice must be heard through this document. Creation Stories are not Myth but are part of our DNA and must continue to be woven into this current reality. Those telling the current story of death & destruction are leaving a void for their own children in an illusion of fear and ignorance. This document brings hope through responsibility & stewardship through Indigenous Ways that have always honored our traditional ways of respecting the life cycle of all living forms of life not taking more than what is needed, replacing what you take in an economy of reciprocity in sharing a life of hospitality and caring for one another's well being thusly the well being of our precious World. Mvto Estcte. Blessings to you and your beloved newest family member born of the Beaver Moon. My Heart and Prayers are with you always as I go on to pursue a path of physical healing and at the same time becoming ordained as an Interfaith Minister and Chaplain in the coming year.

At 7:45am on October 06, 2015, Elizabeth Armstrong, Ph.D. gave Phil Lane Jr. a gift
Thank you for all of your valuable input and dedication to world peace. Abundant Blessings
At 8:02am on April 6, 2015, Elizabeth Armstrong, Ph.D. said…

I am so moved by your trust of my wisdom.  Know that the wisdom arrives from the collective knowing of all as I am the messenger.

Share the word.  In all areas find native wildlife food from wild places and native plant nurseries.  Plant large diversity of plants to nourishment different species.  Care for the plants with love and listen for their messages. 

Compost all organic in the areas where they are found; such as food scraps, chipped branches, leaves, and the remainder and wastes of any life.  Use this as fertilizer for all plantings.  Create individual and community gardens and eat what is produced.

Place bowls of water outside for the wildlife.  In some bowls place rocks so the birds, and bees have something to rest on while drinking the water.  Make sure water is available through all seasons.

Only create was is manageable at a time since water may have to be brought in to start the green space.  In time the water held and moved through the living will bring the rains.

Capture the rain water and use mulch to retain moisture.  Begin to create solar and wind renewable energy stations and appliances; such as solar ovens and solar lights. 

Honor the wild and you will be rewarded with knowledge.  Love the wild from the heart and you will be guided through extensive community relationships.

Study all information on how the Native Americans lived sustainably to recreate a collective of the knowledge.  Support those that are able to get formal education in Green business, building, certification, and anything related to sustainability to secure revenue.  There are a lot of government and other grants to support Native Americans.  Secure a grant writer and go after these funds to support all of your tasks. 

Ban the use of plastic.  Plastic bags are responsible for the death of many wildlife, including the whales that wash upon the shores. 

In my past writing I mentioned the man who wore fire and the boy embraced by the water.  I feel that these men hold wisdom to aid in the process to be sustainable. 

My endearing love to you and all of my sacred community. 

At 1:29pm on April 5, 2015, Elizabeth Armstrong, Ph.D. said…

You honor me as the tears fill my eyes to be recognized as a sister.  My journey has not been an easy one.

Please allow me to share my story.

It was about 15 plus years ago.  I was attending University of Arkansas as a single parent.  The PowWow was at the Barnhill Arena.  I went early to see what the vendors had for sale.  I was drawn to a hallway that I wanted to enter.  It was amazing the walls were lined with Native American art.  It felt as though I was walking a journey through time and it was incredibly beautiful.

In early evening, I only had a short period yet knew I wanted to go back to the arena.  As I drove up to the building, the parking lot was full.  Yet there was only one parking place open located outside of a door that led onto the upper level.  I went in and sat down by this entrance facing north.  There were native families sitting nearby and I was on the second level and able to see all the festivities on the bottom floor.

At some point everyone near me left and I was alone.  A flute began to echo through the arena.  I looked yet was unable to find the flute player.  A Chakina (? Spelling) clad person appeared in front of me on the other side of the arena on the upper level facing south.  This person wore a beautiful regalia that was box like and I was unable to see any of the person body parts. 

Within minutes, I looked to my right and at my eye level on the upper deck, there was an incredible man dressed in the red, orange, and brown colors sitting in the seats located to my right in another section of seats.  These were the colors of fire as he sat facing the west.  The same colors that were in my favorite scarf that was laid over the back of the seat next me.

This person was so incredible that it was difficult to look away.  I did look at the bottom floor for only a minute and when I looked back, he was gone.  I searched and found him walking on the bottom floor as he entered his space and finished putting on his regalia for the dance.  My eyes were fixed on his every move. 

It was time to pick-up my daughter and I had to leave and I was gone.

Later that night I realized that the flute player must have been behind me, way up in the dark areas of the upper stairs.  I felt confused, was it possible that was unknowingly part of the events.

The next year, the PowWow arrived.  I went early when the doors opened around 2:00 pm.  As I entered the building on the bottom floor, I looked up to where I had sat the previous year.  There were three or four elders watching and we caught each-others eyes.  My stomach fluttered as I realized who I may possibly be, a person who offers the wisdom of the spirits.  My thoughts “How can this be?”.  I am just who I am. 

I returned later in the evening to watch the dances with my friends.  Three men were dressed in the color of the fire where moving around and one came right up in my face, I was confused. 

As I watched the dancers, there was a young boy anywhere from 8 to 13 years of age.  He danced and wore the colors of the water, many shades of blue.  I was unable to take my eyes off of him, he was so powerful.  When I looked at the drummers in the center of the ring, they too had their eyes fixed on the young boy.

I realize first the fire then the water. 

I feel the fire times have been here for a while and the water is about to hit.  It has been predicted the ocean will rise six feet in six months.  This will shut off the movement of oil.  Can you even imagine what will happen to those dependent on this industry?

We must get grounded and set up our lives where we are self-dependent

At 6:50am on April 5, 2015, Elizabeth Armstrong, Ph.D. said…

Thank you, You honor me, and your collective thoughts empower me since we are all ONE,

This weekend is a time of many ceremonies to allow the ancestors to be set free.  We work together to release the trauma that has held them here for so long.  It is the time for the power of the new, the power of the collective light held in the heart.

It is proposed humans are evolving to shift towards heart entered awareness, the feminine.  Neurocardiology says heart has a brain and sends message to brain before nervous system (the brain organ).  The heart is the knowing, intuitive, and honored since before the time of Jesus.  Heart has 5,000 times greater electromagnetic energy than mind.  Electromagnetic is the language of the wild as they align themselves with earths electromagnetic field for activities.

There is another vision.  We must create generators, six in each place with center at the 7.  The generator is glass with seven openings, the seventh at the top is left open.  The remaining six have crystals, each crystal held in a rubber sleeve,  The six crystals are connected to opening of generator with copper wire where no air escapes these openings.  The generators are used to concentrate and enhance the power of our desires of love, light, harmony, peace, joy, and integrity.  The ways of the Great Divine.  Close your eyes and be a peace and you will see the generator of your design. 

Crystals were used as a source of light in the dark caves at the time of the Essenes.  The Essenes were a part of different cultures that prepared for the coming of Jesus.  Other cultures include the Kaloo and Druids.

Thank you for being here in this moment for me to share this wisdom.  It is not of me.  It is of all who move forward with great effort and dedication to restore equality and harmony in our world.  Abundant Blessings for all of Your Work.

At 8:49am on April 4, 2015, Elizabeth Armstrong, Ph.D. said…

You honor me with your time to share this information.

What I know of present times is we find ourselves in a major mass extinction, including humans.  Using death as a way to interact with and dominate over Mother Earth is not fruitful. 

Wisdom tells that take only what is needed to feed the community and let the others free.  I feel kill only when needed for survival, not as conquest over the weak.  

From the video the White Buffalo was protected by the herd.  The blood pouring from a horses nose leads me to think it is time to stop and regroup. 

It is a time to move quickly and teach how to honor life, to share the knowledge and wisdom that allowed the Native Americans to live sustainably in harmony with Mother Earth.

California people must reduce their water use by 25% as available water is used to water the crops to feed the people.  It is the Wildlife that needs to be cultured, nourished, and given safe haven.  It is the flourishing of trees, birds and all that is wild that provides any hope of survival for humans and life on this precious planet.

I was not present to know the original vision.  I do know that our planet is dying.  Humans must step back and honor the life of the Wild.  

Thank you for your time and allowing me to share my wisdom. 

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